People, technology and eco-friendly design are the top priority

IntechKorea Co., Ltd. was established in 1986 as a company specializing in sign design and Interiors. It is a company that has grown by pursuing continuous research and development while keeping the best in the field of sculptures, electronic signs, interiors, signs, and landscape facilities.



It is to produce sculptured art for public design in the space applied according to the architectural law, and the sculpture that symbolizes the space art is focusing on research and development with constant efforts to promote the area and the area and play a monumental role with various symbolisms.



In the field of model house, architecture, interior, and remodeling, we provide integrated solutions for not only planning and design, but also from construction to management.



The primary purpose of a sign is to convey information. In order to establish a sign design that is the simplest and faithful to the basic purpose, we constantly pursue research and development focusing on nature and people.

Company Philosophy

The company's philosophy puts people first and puts the top priority on human resource development. This is a creative and diverse signage, pursuing continuous research and development to improve the stability and design of facilities.

Through continuous investment and continuous management innovation, we are focusing on strengthening the company's internal strength. In the future, IntechKorea Co., Ltd. will continue to do its best to become a global leader in the field of architectural facilities and sign design through self-innovation.

Transaction Performance

Apartments, Officetels, Shopping malls, Hospitals, Hotels, Universities, International Events, Joint Projects with Foreign Companies, etc.

  1. Residential Building 60%
  2. Commercial Building 40%
  3. Public Building 20%
  4. Intl Events 10%