We are living in the spirit of the age where we have to consider not only the form of beauty seen on the outside, but also what value it can give to users. Our company is a sign design company that prioritizes problem solving in order to focus attention on the company's desire to deliver a message to customers and deliver a better message.


Brand Identity Design

We aim to optimize the brand application in scope and location by developing a unique identity that takes into account the environment of the client and market, including all of the various brand applications expanded to package sign system retail as well as a simple or concise form consisting of only logos.


Graphic Design

We create new value with graphic design expressed in independent visual language such as advertisement, key visual, illustration, and graphic user interface. Design provides the optimal visual design for the situation of the client based on experience in producing various types of graphics and prints.


Visual and Spatial Integration Design

A wonderful visual experience is created inside and outside the space optimized for the movement of customers and the use of facilities. It aims to deliver powerful images in which visual experience and space are organically integrated beyond simple information delivery.

Pursuit of people, technology and eco-friendly design design

IntechKorea Co., Ltd. was established in 1986 as a company specializing in sign design and design. It is a company that has grown by pursuing continuous research and development while keeping the best in the field of sculptures, electronic signs, interiors, signs, and landscape facilities.



It is to produce sculptured art for public design in the space applied according to the architectural law, and the sculpture that symbolizes the space art is focusing on research and development with constant efforts to promote the area and the area and play a monumental role with various symbolisms.



In the field of model house, architecture, interior, and remodeling, we provide integrated solutions for not only planning and design, but also from construction to management.



The primary purpose of a sign is to convey information. In order to establish a sign design that is the simplest and faithful to the basic purpose, we constantly pursue research and development focusing on nature and people.